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Bottles, bottles, and more bottles

Playtex and Tommee Tippee sure know what they’re doing when it comes to the little ones. When my children were infants, I used Tommee Tippee bottles only, because I breadfed both and they were the most similar to my breast, making it a super easy transition from breast to bottle. I know many moms have trouble with the transition, so thank you Tommee Tippee for making it one less thing to stress about.

Now for Playtex, again I used only their cups for when my children became toddlers. The transition from bottle to sippy cup to almost adult cup was super easy. The order I used was Playtex Sippy then Playtex 360 . Playtex was used every step of the way, making the toddler to independence stage nearly seamless. Make sure to click the links above to get your infant and toddler transitioning in no time.

Playtex Sippy
Playtex 360

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