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Top Five Edge Controls

What are the best edge controls and how to choose them?

Sometimes you want to have a sleek look or rock a messy bun with laid edges. Deciding on a style is hard enough and now you have to decide which edge control to use, yikes! Depending on your style, here’s a list of the top rated edge controls:

5. Crème of Nature

4. Keracare Edge Tamer

3. Hicks

2. Proclaim Stick

And our number one rated edge control is…

1. Style Factor Edge Booster

Now choosing the best edge control for your hair texture is a little different. Here are the top rated edge controls for each curl pattern:

Top pick for 3a-3c hair: Crème of Nature

Top pick for 4a-4b hair: Hicks

Top pick for 4c hair: Style Factor Edge Booster

My personal favorite is the Style Factor Edge Booster. Style Factor is literally no joke! I have many different edge controls for different reasons/uses. One of the reasons being is that I prefer edge control over gel, but when I tell you Style Factor is it, I mean it. It’s my ultimate edge control and my go-to for any type of hold and placement of my hair. I use it for my edges, buns, braids, etc, and any sleek style that I wear. It keeps my hair perfect throughout the day and by far, the best edge control for any and all styles. It also comes in several different scents, which adds a more personal touch. If I ever run out of Style Factor mid-style, I migrate to the Proclaim Stick as an alternative until I make it to my local beauty supply store. It has a similar consistency and smells equally great.

What’s your favorite edge control and how do you style your hair with it? Click the link above to get yours now and be sure to subscribe, comment, and leave any feedback.

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