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Three ways to use Ginger

Top three ways to use ginger root and what are its’ benefits:

Ginger is a staple that should be on everyone’s kitchen countertop. It’s my ultimate, favorite spice and my go-to for a lot things that most may take for granted. Ginger is such a cost-effective spice and a little goes a long way. Did I also mention it’s super easy to find at your local grocery store?! Ginger is a win-win spice for everyone, so here are the top three ways ginger is used:

1. Nausea: When I was pregnant with my children, I was randomly nauseated at the worst times. Sometimes it wasn’t even the food I ate that made me nauseated, it was mainly just the elements. I peeled a ginger root with a spoon, sliced it, and made ginger tea. I brewed a regular cup of black tea and put the slices in the tea and let it steep for five minutes, drank the tea, and I felt better within minutes. My nausea was completely gone and stayed away for several days later. You can substitute black tea for green tea or any flavor you choose.

2. Weight-Loss/Detox: Post partum, I felt I needed to loose my baby weight so fast, that I was willing to try almost anything on the market. I did a little research and stumbled upon the best weight-loss decision yet. I used ginger to loose weight, but I also continue to use it to maintain all the weight I lost, by detoxing with it. Instead of using it for tea, I made ginger water. So following the same steps mentioned in the first ginger-use remedy, substitute tea for your favorite brand of water, still let it steep, and once it’s done, remove the ginger slices this time, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice in it, and drink away. It will make you urinate a lot, so make sure you’re near the restroom, but you’ll feel really cleansed and ready to conquer any workout or activity you have planned.

3. Hair: My hair was shedding a lot post partum, but became minimal when I added ginger juice to my hair care regimen. On wash day, I juiced a ginger root by peeling it and running it through the juicer, then rubbing it on my scalp after my hair was washed and conditioned. I let it sit for one hour with a plastic cap, rinsed it out with room temperature water, and my hair and scalp felt so clean, soft, and nourished; I was amazed! It has been a staple in my wash day routine ever since. Feel free to just peel and rub the ginger root on your scalp directly if you don’t have a juicer or blender.

Fresh ginger is the purest form, but it also comes in other forms such as a powder, tablet, etc. All forms of ginger offer many great benefits. It has an acquired smell, but such a gentle use. Definitely grab a ginger root the next time you make a run to the grocery store and try it out for yourself. What are your thoughts about ginger and what are some ways you use it? Comment below, subscribe, and leave feedback.

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