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Top Five Affordable and Organic Shampoos

Organic products are a Natural’s best friend. Price and ingredients play a big role when choosing the right shampoo and conditioners, so how do you make a decision? Here are the top five shampoos and conditioners that are organic, have natural ingredients, and you get a bang for your buck!

1. Tree to tub

This one is a personal favorite. The title couldn’t have fit any better. Their shampoo is so natural and clean, it makes your hair feel and look so healthy. It contains 100% all natural and organic ingredients, which is definitely a win win. The smell is so earthly and not over-powering, I was definitely impressed. I thought it would smell overly flower-ly or something too strong, but it was actually perfect. Click this link to get yours now and feel free to roam around their site to see some interesting facts as well. Read the full list below to get the remaining top five affordable, organic shampoos:

2. Acure Organics

3. Real Purity

4. Aromatica

5. Truly Organic

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