Natural Coils

Twist it out when in doubt: Best product lines for ALL natural hair types and hair growth.

Growing and maintaining natural hair:

For all of my new Naturalistas, I know you’re wondering, where do I get started? There’s a lot of information that can be overwhelming, but no worries, here are the best product lines for any natural hair type that will promote hair growth and make your natural hair journey really simple.

So everyone has their go-to products when tending to their natural hair. From wash day, to styling, to twist outs,   TRUE by made beautiful and Mielle Organics will have a product to accomplish it all. From their deep conditioners to their oils, my hair has been super healthy and maintained it’s length using these two brands only.

You can find everything you need to maintain your hair within these two product lines. When creating your regimen, be sure to moisturize and seal your ends to retain your hair length and have your new growth flourish. A healthy scalp, deep conditioning, trims, and moisture will be the keys to starting and maintaining your natural hair journey.

For maximum hair growth and retention, both brands work extremely well together, and suitable for all natural hair types (3a-4c,) so make sure you try them out by clicking the links above to get started and have the best, juicy, and ultimate styles and twist outs.

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